The Top 3 Fort Worth Brewery Beer Gardens You Need To Visit

There is nothing better than spending your time outside amongst the wild, where the trees are full and flowers are blooming bright, and of course all of this is experienced with some good beer. Not only must breweries provide good brews, but a unique and vibrant atmosphere and experience as well. Throughout the Fort Worth area there are plenty of awesome breweries with great set ups, and yet only three will make the list of what constituents an awesome beer garden experience.

Wild Acre Brewing Company: 1734 E El Paso Street, Suite 190

When it comes beer gardens, Wild Acre Brewing Company have really outdone themselves as well as surrounding breweries with a massive beer garden. Their beer garden occupies enough space to house two smaller breweries with some room left over, and yet size is not the best part. A uniquely crafted gazebo stage is set up on the far end from the entrance right in the middle for all to witness whomever is jamming out on it.

Not far from the stage is a giant shaded spectator area that houses plenty of seating via wooden benches and large fans that are mounted around the inside to cool off locals during the summer months. Next to the spectator area is a gentle sloping hill side where people can set up and play corn hole and various other outdoor games as well as lounge around and grab a tan. This is a must visit even during the summer months.

Fort Brewery: 1001 W Magnolia Avenue

Not focused necessarily on size, Fort Brewery provides visitors with a simple and yet unique beer garden experience. This small beer garden is set up directly behind the taproom with a wooden covered porch area with dangling lights helping chart your path back to the taproom for another beer. Wooden benches are strategically placed throughout the area with a TV mounted up in the corner featuring the latest and greatest sports game along with various outdoor games to help entertain all age groups.

One of the coolest features of this beer garden other than its cozy size and feel is the fact that it gives you an awesome up front view of Magnolia Street with its lit up trees lined up and down the road. Nothing like soaking up the sun (or stars) while sipping away on some damn good brews and watching the traffic and worries pass you by.

Shannon Brewing Company: 818 N Main Street, Keller

If you love hops, then you need to visit Shannon Brewing Company that is located just north of downtown Fort Worth in the city of Keller. This beer garden is a sight to see for those that enjoy the hoppy beers as not only do you get to sip on some great brews, but you get to admire a hop vine wall that encases the beer garden. Shannon began the hop vine venture several years ago when they first opened, and now it is an amazing sight to see.

Not only are the beers and hop vines to be admired, but the beer garden itself is rather cool with plenty of seating spread throughout and a shaded overhead to help keep you cool during the summertime. In the corner, local bands come play and entertain while various outdoor games are set up, including corn hole, giant jenga, and giant dice, to help spice up the mood as you seek to challenge your family and friends.

-Michael Thacker

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