Top 5 Fort Worth Brews And Food Picks For Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl has once again made its way back around, and although the Cowboys are not in the game, it is still worth watching for the sake of good beer and mouthwatering food. The best way to celebrate this event is, of course, by drinking and eating local. Here is a list of the five best local brews you can find at your local store along with a local pairing option you can order off Grubhub.

Panther Island Brewing-Allergeez Wheat Ale: This unfiltered beauty is smooth and refreshing with plenty of cereal notes along with hints of honey and rose hips. A great local pairing option would be either some BBQ or lemon peppered chicken wings from Kings of Wings in Fort Worth. This pairing option would pair well with the cereal nature and light honey notes that the wheat ale provides, allowing for a slight contrasting flavor collaboration with a refreshing finish.

Hop Fusion Ale Works-Go Easy IPA: An IPA that truly drinks easy while providing you with plenty of citrus flavor and a slight malt backbone. IPA’s are always a delight to drink when eating some pizza as the hop bitterness helps keep the palates clean and refreshed for eat new bite. The recommendation for pairing here is a meat lovers pizza from Mamma Mia Italian Grill and Pizza. Plenty of meat and cheese to really help energize you for that next burst of words you scream out at the TV.

Shannon Brewing Company-Tejas Light: To lighten the bill a bit and help you reminiscent about the first beer you had, and yet with a much, much better flavor is Shannon’s Tejas Light. This brew is crisp and clear as winter morning with plenty of cereal character and a touch of honey sweetness that is as refreshing as, well, you get it. A great pairing option for this light character is some freshly grilled up faijtas from La Familia Mexican Restaurant with some bell peppers, and hell, put some real spice on there with some fresh jalapenos.

Legal Draft Beer Company-Accused Amber Lager: An amber lager with plenty of toasted malt character with a slight touch of caramel notes that is sure to sooth your anger when you team pick loses. This toasty friend is a great brew to pair up with some Risky’s BBQ as the smoked BBQ flavors and hearty meat will pair up well with the toasty characters of the amber, enhancing the hell out of your food and brew experience.

Rahr and Sons Brewing Company-Paleta De Mango: Last but not least is Rahr and Son’s mango chile beer that provides plenty of mango fruit flavor with a hint of spice and a dash of lime. A great pairing option for this would be some traditional pork street tacos from Torchy’s Tacos. The light smoked pork flavor won’t overwhelm the flavor of the beer, but will somewhat contrast the flavor in a unique way that will be sweet and tangy, yet slightly smoky and refreshing.

-Michael Thacker

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