Top 5 Coolest Taprooms In Fort Worth And Surrounding Areas

Visiting breweries is not just about drinking good brews, but about the design and vibe of the taproom as well. Who wants to sit around and drink beer in a plain, dull room? The dullest people, that’s who! For those that like a little inspiration in your life and something to admire while you sip on some of the best brews in town, then here is a list of some of the coolest and uniquely designed breweries in Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

Hop Fusion Ale Works:

Situated on the south side of downtown Fort Worth itself is Hop Fusion Ale Works. This brewery not only serves up an array of different varieties of good brews ranging from light to as dark as night, but their taproom is something to behold as well. Full of vibrant colors with an industrial-like design, and bicycles and lights hanging off the ceiling along with murals of various weird entities, this taproom is hip as it gets.

A giant projector screen typically playing the latest game is situated in the center on one side of the taproom while a stage with a large Hop Fusion logo painted on the wall behind it is set up front and center for local artists (and karaoke night on Wednesdays) to play their hearts out. The brew house is separated by a chain link fence, giving you the “downtown” vibe while the bar area stays consistent with the industrial-themed design of the taproom.

Panther Island Brewing Company:

Not far from Hop Fusion, located on the north side of downtown Fort Worth is Panther Island Brewing Company. Not only do they provide you with plenty of space to sip and socialize, but the design itself is pretty sweet as well. Uniquely patterned wooden walls outlines the interior of the taproom with wooden pallets and lights dangling above, and a small stage with Fort Worth street signs guiding you back to the music are posted overhead.

Plenty of games are situated about the taproom including air hockey, giant jenga, foosball, corn hole, and a pool table. A cool little lounge room towards the back that has hop lamps overhead is set up for those seeking a bit of seclusion. A coach along with tables and chairs are spread throughout to provide your tipsy legs with some rest, and a giant projector screen playing whatever they feel is good is set up in the center.

Brutal Beerworks:

Located northeast of downtown Fort Worth in North Richland Hills is the newly operational Brutal Beerworks. This is definitely one of my personal favorites (although I don’t want to play the favoritism game) as it is situated in an old shopping center with a small, yet cozy vibe to it. The entire taproom is simple, and yet creative with an awesome mural of a Kraken painted on the wall and a cool little kids play area with plenty to keep the kids occupied.

Not only do these guys brew up some of the most uniquely crafted beers in town while maintaining anywhere from ten to thirteen different brews on tap, but they do it all on a small batch brewing system. They have several small fermentation tanks lined up against the front window with a bar wrapped around them, so you can sit and sip right next to where your favorite brew comes from.

Division Brewing Company:

Another smaller taproom set up located just east of downtown Fort Worth in Arlington is Division Brewing Company. Although the taproom is a bit smaller in size, they utilize and make the absolute most out of the space they are provided with the brew house and taproom being joined as one, giving you an up close and truly personal experience with the brewing process and equipment, all while sipping on some of the best and uniquely crafted brews around.

Several small tanks are situated to your left as you walk in with a foeder positioned towards the end of the brewing process. Several metal chairs and tables are situated throughout with the cool, gazebo-styled bar area positioned right in the center of the taproom. Their chalk board beer list is always featuring nearly twenty different styles and flavors of beer, giving everyone the opportunity to find the beer that is right for them.

New Main Brewing Company:

Only a short drive south of Division Brewing Company located in Pantego is New Main Brewing Company. This brewery features a small batch brewing system, and yet they’re always providing you with a bountiful variety of brews at their cool bar set up and “brewery cat.” Although they have a small brewing system, their taproom will absolutely blow your mind with enough space to house the town itself.

They have several games set up throughout, including ping pong, foosball, and darts along with a stage set up for local artist to perform and shine. A two story lounging area housing plenty of games to keep you busy, while the second floor features plenty of seating overlooks the entire taproom and stage.

-Michael Thacker

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