8 Dallas-Fort Worth Barrel-Aged Stouts To Try Before Winter Ends

Winter time, a season featuring cold and dreary days, making it the perfect time to sip on some deliciously crafted dark stouts. And why not stouts that are aged in barrels? Smooth chocolate notes, roasted coffee characters and hints of toffee are just some of the palate pleasing attributes of stouts. Texas winters are short, and now is the time to grab some of the best crafted barrel-aged stouts to keep you warm and sooth your soul. Here are the 10 Dallas-Fort Worth barrel-aged stouts to try before the winter ends.

Community Beer Company: Barrel-Aged Legion Russian Imperial Stout

An original barrel-aged series by Community Beer Company that stems back a few years with their first batch being released in 2014. Now, their 2019 series marks batch #9, which was aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels and features flavors of vanilla, toffee, dark chocolate, and plenty of toasted characters. This imperial stout sits high on the ABV level at 11.6%, and yet is smooth with a creamy mouthfeel and some alcohol warmth towards the end. Available in four packs throughout the greater DFW area.

Rahr and Sons Brewing Company: Black Sabbath Chocolate Milk Stout

A new creation from Rahr and Sons Brewing Company that was released just last month and features the crazy rock band label, Black Sabbath. This creamy chocolate milk stout was aged in maple syrup barrels with blackberries, giving it a balanced sweet blend of fruit and caramel flavors that is mixed with chocolate notes and hints of caramel with a bit of a tart blackberry finish. A full bodied brew clocking in at 6.9% and is available throughout the DFW metroplex in six packs.

Brain Dead Brewing Company: Spearmint Of Destiny Export Stout

The guys at Brain Dead Brewing Company are always seeking to stretch the bounds of brewing, and their Spearmint Of Destiny Stout is no exception. This export stout was aged in Whiterspoon Bourbon Barrels with spearmint and cocoa nibs and sits higher on the ABV range at 9.1%. Each sip is a robust venture into a dark chocolate, minty dream that is nice and warm on the way down. This stout is only available at the brewery and comes in 750 ml bottles.

Turning Point Beer Company: Captain Delicious Pants Peanut Butter Stout

Turning Point Beer, another brewery that really goes above and beyond when it comes to conjuring up bizarre, and yet deliciously craft brews. Their latest release is their Captain Delicious Pants Peanut Butter Stout that was inspired by the Deadpool movie, and yet drinks better than the plot of the movie (Just kidding, never saw it). Aged in bourbon barrels for a whopping 14-17 months with plenty of peanut butter and vanilla bean added to produce a rich, and yet subtle complexity of chocolately, peanut butter goodness balanced by roasted characters. Bottles are limited, coming in 500 ml sizes and weighing in at 16.3% ABV.

Lakewood Brewing Company: Bourbon Barrel Temptress Imperial Milk Stout

An annual rare release from the brewers at Lakewood Brewing Company that never seizes to entice and enlighten. Aged in oak bourbon barrels between 5-10 months that leaves the finished product with plenty of smooth milk chocolate and roasted coffee flavor with hints of burnt sugar, vanilla and caramel that finishes off smooth and warm. Coming in four packs of 12 oz bottles with an 11% ABV level that is served throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth home front.

Shannon Brewing Company: Shannon Chocolate Bourbon Stout

Shannon Brewing Company is not one to shy away from creating some unique concoctions, all while maintaining somewhat of order in the midst of creativity. Although the name seems rather straight forward, the brew itself is full of complexity. This bourbon barrel-aged stout is nitro and provides you with plenty of rich chocolate flavor with a touch of sweetness, and hints of caramel while finishing off with a slight hop kick and alcohol warmth. Standing moderately high on the ABV scale at 8.5% and can only be obtained at the brewery, and is available on draft and in kegs.

Martin House Brewing Company: Campfire Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial S’more Stout

Nothing quite like sitting around the campfire while roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Now, envision this scenario, but in a can. And that is exactly what Martin House Brewing Company gives you in their Campfire Imperial S’more Stout. Each sip is a journey into the woods during winter where flavors of sweet chocolate, toffee, and smokey characters reside and flood your palate along with hints of vanilla bean that finishes off dangerously smooth and warm. A robust ABV level of 11.6% and available at your local store in 2-packs.

Hop and Sting Brewing Company: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Frigid Underworld

A rare release from the brewers at Hop and Sting Brewing Company that, if digested too quickly, could literally take you down to the underworld. All puns aside, this stout is aged in Tahwahkaro Bourbon Barrels and provides you with plenty of robust, espresso-like characters with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate that is subtly smooth, and yet has a nice little bite and alcohol warmth towards the finish. Another bold brew with an ABV level set at 11.3% and available only on draft at the brewery.

-Michael Thacker

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