12 Dallas-Fort Worth IPA’s To Drink This Spring 2020


Plenty of sunshine, butterflies and floral aromas mingled with fresh grass swirling through the air into your nostrils where it enlightens the soul, and this my friend is what spring is all about. Not only do these aromas come from the air around you, but they are also packed within a freshly crafted IPA as well, making it the go to spring seasonal beer to sip while you enjoy all the attributes that spring offers.

Of course, if you’re going to go with an IPA, you better make it a locally crafted beer. It’s always good to support your local brewery rather than fishing out your money to overly done large breweries that don’t really care about quality. Here is a list of the 10 locally crafted IPA’s you should add to your list of beers to drink this spring.

Community Beer Company: Hop Skinny Low-Cal IPA

Conforming to the latest low-cal IPA trend, Community Beer Company has brewed up something that is not only light and refreshing, but packed full of juicy hop flavor as well. Brand new to their core beer list, full bodied while providing you with only 98 calories, 4.5 grams of carbs and 4.0% ABV. You can grab this low-cal juicy delight at the brewery or at your local store in 6-packs of cans.


Celestial Beerworks: Starr Chaser Imperial New England IPA

Celestial Beerworks is no stranger when it comes to brewing up deliciously hopped up IPAs, so their Starr Chaser Imperial IPA is a must for this spring. Brewed with plenty of Comet, Rakau and Mosaic hops that provide you with a load of juicy tropical fruit flavors mixed with danky characters that are sure to lift up your spirits and satisfy your palates. This hoppy delight is bold on the ABV scale at 8.1% and is available at the brewery on draft and in 4-packs of cans to go.

Wild Acre Brewing Company: Wreck Room IPA

A brand new release from the brewers at Wild Acre Brewing Company that is named after a famed rock and roll club in Fort Worth’s Cultural District. Brewed with Simcoe and Mosaic hops that give the beer a balanced flavor profile of citrus, berry and mango with hints of black pepper. Standing rather tall on the ABV scale at 7.6% and is available at the brewery and stores throughout DFW in 6-packs of cans.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company: Manic Confidence Hazy IPA

Another brand new release from Deep Ellum Brewing Company that is currently available on draft at the brewery and will be available in 6-packs of cans at a store near you at the beginning of March. This hazy little thing is brewed with five different hops, including Galaxy, Enigma, Citra, Comet, Strata and Idaho 7, providing you with plenty of tropical and citrus fruit flavors that drinks rather smooth with a low bitterness rate of 35 and an ABV level of 6.5%.


Texas Ale Project: 100 Million Angels Singing Double IPA

If the last IPA seemed a bit low on the bitterness scale, no need to worry as Texas Ale Project has you covered with their hopped up double IPA that sits at a whopping 100 IBUs and 9.2% ABV. But don’t let the bitterness scare you off as this bold beer is full of hop citrus flavors with hints of resin and black pepper that is as refreshing as it is bitter. You can grab yourself some from the brewery or at your local store in 6-packs of cans.

Shannon Brewing Company: Mór IPA

If you need more out of an IPA, then Shannon Brewing Company’s Mór IPA will get the job done.Brewed up with plenty of Warrior, Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo hops that give you a powerful dose of citrus and berry flavors with a balance herbal character that drinks clean and smooth followed by a slight hop bite at the finish. Sitting at 6.5% ABV and is available at both the brewery and your local store in 6-packs of cans.

Manhattan Project Beer Company: Half-Life Hazy IPA

You can live a full life while being as conservative as possible, or you can live to the fullest with Manhattan Project Beer Company’s Half-Life Hazy IPA where juiciness is an understatement. This juicy bomb is full of tropical and citrus fruit flavors with hints of cilantro that is mildly bitter and has a light malt backbone. Providing you with a moderate amount of alcohol at 6.2% and is available at the brewery and stores throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in 6-packs of cans.


Lakewood Brewing Company: Cold Front IPA

Texas weather is as unpredictable as today’s politicians with warm weather one day and snowfall the next. What’s not to say that as spring comes into full effect that a random cold front doesn’t make its way through? In that case, Lakewood Brewing Company’s Cold Front IPA will help you through the chaos. Brewed up with loads of Simcoe hops that give you plenty of herbal and citrus flavors with hints of toasted oats and peppery characteristics. A little bolder on the alcohol with 7.5% ABV and is available at the brewery and stores in 6-packs of 12 oz bottles.

Panther Island Brewing Company: IPF’nA Imperial IPA

Sometimes in life we can really F things up, but thankfully there is always a beer to help us get over it and Panther Island Brewing Company’s IPF’nA Imperial IPA is that beer. Consisting of Summit, Columbus, and Centennial hops and then dry hopped with Cascade, this bold beer provides you with a load of spicy grapefruit flavor along with notes of black pepper, toasted bread and sweet caramel. And if the flavor doesn’t help you then the alcohol will with an ABV rate of 10.1%. You can grab a 4-pack of cans at the brewery or your local store, just don’t F anything else up while you’re getting it.


Oak Highlands Brewery: Derelict IPA

Last but not least is a more subtle IPA from the brewers at Oak Highlands Brewery in Dallas. This tamed beast is brewed with 5 separate hop additions that provides you with plenty of citrus flavor with hints of herbs and a light toasted malt bill that finishes off crisp with a subtle bitter profile. Sitting lower on the ABV spectrum at 6.1% and is available in 6-packs of cans at the brewery and various stores throughout Dallas-Fort Worth.

Legal Draft Beer Company: Hazeas Corpus

Another hazy delight that is sure to calm your nerves if you’ve ever been imprisoned, and then brought before a judge by an officer of the law. Legal Draft Beer Company brewed this hazed up IPA with plenty of hops and specialty malts, giving you a mouthful of juicy citrus flavors with hints of mango and lemon zest that is moderately bitter and finishes off crisp and dry. Up slightly on the ABV scale at 7.2% and is available in 6-packs of cans at the brewery and local stores throughout Dallas-Fort Worth.


Hop and Sting Brewing Company: Galactic Haze Belgian-Style White IPA

If you’re seeking to skip Texas spring altogether, then Hop and Sting Brewing Company’s Galactic Haze White IPA will send you out of this world. Brewed up with Mosaic, Ekuaknot, and Ariana followed by a fermentation using Belgian yeast that provides you with a unique blend of flavors that include juicy tropical and citrus fruits, hints of bananas and cereal notes. A lighter bodied brew with a moderately bitter profile that sits at 7.2% ABV. Grab a 6-pack of cans at the brewery or your local store.

-Michael Thacker

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