New Year’s Resolution Beers To Add To Your Diet Plan

The New Year has dawned upon us, and with it comes the necessity for resolutions, most of which are fitness related. Over the course of the month of January we see people packing into gyms, yoga studios and the like, seeking ways to enhance their overall health. Not only do we see gyms harboring the multitudes, but many fad diets as well with many of these diets causing one to abstain from alcohol, especially beer. Here is where a mass of “empty” calories reside, and ultimately end up becoming body fat stored around the waist line, therefore causing any craft beer lover to abandon their favorite brew for the sparkling water.


Over the years, brewers across the nation have witnessed this annual phenomenon occur while planning ahead to overcome this short drought season. But now many brewers are beginning to craft some of their beers to help meet the low calorie diets of the New Year resolution cult without diminishing their product to that of the larger, flavorless light beers that are so often consumed. Here are a few light craft brews to add to your diet today.

Shannon Brewing Company-Tejas Light: Hailing from Texas with a touch of Irish luck is Shannon Brewing Company’s Tejas Light, an easy drinking light lager that is only 130 calories and low on the carbs. This lager is brewed with organic malts and sits at only 4.3% ABV. Each sip provides flavors that reminiscent that of a bowl of honey nut cheerios with a touch of citrus hops that finishes crisp and clean.

Dogfish Head-Slightly Mighty: Dogfish Head never seizes to brew up some awesome beers that provide plenty of character and flavors, and yet when it comes to brewing up a low calorie beer, the statement still stands. This unique concoction is a hazy lo-cal IPA that carries only 95 calories and 3.6 grams of carbs while sitting at only 4.0% ABV. Brewed with monk fruit that provides no calories and helps amplify the body and complexity of the beer while still giving you plenty of tropical and citrus fruit flavor.

New Belgium Brewing-Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza: This Mexican-styled brew is inspired by the classic agua fresco that can be found in street food markets throughout Mexico, and typically feature a blend of seasonal fruits. This light beer is only 100 calories with less than 1 gram of sugar and sits at only 4% ABV. Providing flavors of hibiscus, agave, watermelon, and lime that is sure to cool you down and freshen you up while keep your calories in check.

Legal Draft Beer Company-Free and Clear: For those that are seeking the diet route that steers clear of gluten, then Legal Draft’s Free and Clear gluten-removed lager is for you. This gluten-removed brew is quite unique as it still uses traditional ingredients when brewing, but the difference comes after brewing where the gluten is removed using an enzyme and filter. The finished product maintains the flavor while leaving out the gluten and giving you a bright golden color with aromas of sweet malts and citrus hop notes.

Omission Beer Company-Ultimate Light Golden Ale: Another gluten removed brew, and yet positing only 99 calories as well. This light, gluten removed ale is bright and clear providing you with only 5 grams of carbs in each 12 oz bottle. Plenty of tropical aromas and flavors that finishes off crisp and refreshing making it a great beer to just sit back and relax with after an intense workout session.

Boulevard Brewing Company-Easy Sport Rally Ale: Now here’s a beer that is brewed up with exercise and sports in mind! Light as a feather at 99 calories per 12 oz can and low carbed as well with only 4.5 grams. Brewed with tangerine peel and sea salt, giving it a slight tangy and tart-like flavor with a balanced subtle honey sweetness at the finish that is as refreshing as your new year outlook.

-Michael Thacker


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