A Short Stop At Jarfly Brewing Company

Took a short business trip to Kentucky, and as always I had to find a local brewery to grab some flavorful brews. The little town of Somerset is located approximately an hour and a half from Lexington, of which I flew into. Friendly people with a few restaurants, a mall, and even a community college. Luckily they had one brewery in town, a small, cozy place with an array of styles and flavors of brews.

Thankfully I was blessed to have visited on a good night as live music from a local band was flowing out the door as I made my way inside. A brick wall and antique-like interior with various paintings hanging about was the was the designated vibe. A small batch brewing system sat out in the open next to the bar for all eyes to consider with a small wall separating hands from metal.

Their brews were not to disappoint, and their recipes were plenty intriguing to say the least. I went ahead, in the most obvious manner, and purchased a flight that consisted of six 4 oz pours. My choice of drink was their blueberry farmhouse ale, Brut IPA, jalapeno common ale, a strawberry sour, a session IPA, and a barrel-aged black IPA; all of which were delicious, especially the jalapeno common ale that provided the precise amount of spice to make your night just right. I proceeded from there to a small, cozy room with plush, antique chairs for some peace and serenity as the music played away in the background. A short stop at a great place with friendly people and delicious beer. Cheers to another voyage!

-Michael Thacker

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