10 Dallas-Fort Worth Seasonal Brews To Try This Fall 2020

Cooler temperatures, crisp air, and a smooth malty brew is what constitutes a good fall day. Fall has seemed to have arrived early this year which means more time to try more beers. And why not make it local? More than ever before breweries are experimenting with various ingredients to help brew up something unique and enticing to help enhance your overall fall season experience. Here is a list of the 10 must try seasonal brews this fall.


Community Beer Company-Funnel Cake Ale:

This favorable ale was concocted a few years back in conjunction with the Texas State Fair and features plenty of bready characters that are blended perfectly with a subtle sweetness. And since the fair has been cancelled, Community Beer Company decided to take things into their own hands with a Funnel Cake Release Event in which everyone (with social distancing protocols in place, of course) can grab six packs to go. They are also teaming up with Flectcher’s Corny Dogs to really provide attendees with a bit of real time Texas State Fair fun. The event is set to take place September 10th noon to 8 pm. Six packs will also be available at a store near you, so pick some up and pair it with a funnel cake or vanilla ice cream.

Shannon Brewing Company-Salted Caramel Chocolate Stout:

This sweet treat presented by the brewers at Shannon Brewing Company is a full bodied brew that stands a bit tall on the ABV scale at 6.8%. A milk stout brewed with cocoa nibs and salted caramel that presents aromas of chocolate, coffee and caramel. Each sip presents you with a subtly sweet dark chocolate and caramel flavor with hints of salt and coffee, instilling within you the desire to put on your cozy sweater and watch your fall favorite. Six packs are available at the brewery and a store near you, and pair it up with some BBQ shredded beef-why not, it’s 2020, right?


Hopfusion Ale Works-Oktoberfest Marzen:

It is a sin to go through the fall season without having an Oktoberfest brew and Hopfusion Ale Works has exactly what you need to make the mark. And since Oktoberfest has been pretty much cancelled worlwide (thanks, Covid), now is your chance to reminiscent on what was. This locally crafted Oktoberfest brew presents plenty of malt characteristics with a light toasted flavor with hints of citrus hops that finished off crisp and refreshing. A light to moderate bodied brew with an ABV level of 6%. Available on tap and in six packs at the brewery only, and pair it up with some roasted chicken. Prost!

Lakewood Brewing Company-Pumpkin-Spiced Punkel Lager:

It is always nice to “spice” things up during the holiday season, and fall is the perfect pumpkin go to moment, especially for the ladies. And yet Lakewood Brewing Company has brewed up something that not only befits the ladies cravings, but also something the guys could really enjoy as well. This dark German lager is 5.5% on the ABV scale and features plenty of roasted malt flavor with touches of cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and ginger. Each sip is well balanced between bold and sweet to help complement a piece of pumpkin pie and not be a pint full of one. Six packs are available at the brewery and your local store, and go ahead and pair it up with some BBQ ribs.

Martin House Brewing Company-Mama’s Pumpkin Pie Sour With Lactose:

Martin House Brewing Company never fails to conjure up some of the most bizarre, and yet delightful recipes out there. Expected to be released the first week of November, Mama’s Pumpkin Pie Sour beer is set to feature traditional fall flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger with a subtly tangy finish and a slight creamy mouthfeel. Make sure to pick you up a six pack at either the brewery or local store, or Mama might just have to backhand you. Pair it up with a slice of pumpkin pie to enhance the overall flavor of pumpkin pie, or compliment it with some sweet potatoes topped off with marshmallows.


Rahr And Sons Brewing Company-Oaktoberfest Barrel-Aged Marzen Lager:

A special release from Fort Worth’s oldest running craft brewery, Rahr and Sons Brewing Company. This barrel-aged beauty was brewed not to disappoint with a majestic blend of toasted malts with toffee and caramel notes from the bourbon barrels with a subtle warming at the finish to keep you going on those chilly fall evenings. Each box contains 2-12 oz cans with each weighing in at a hefty 9.6% ABV. Grab your box at your local store and pair it up with some honey roasted ham.

False Idol Brewing Company-Train To Valhalla English Barleywine:

Not your typical beer you envision being set within the fall seasonal brews, and yet barleywines are traditionally brewed for the autumn and winter times due to its robust flavors and high alcohol level. The guys at False Idol Brewing Company located on the outskirts of Fort Worth decided to brew something big and hardy for the Dallas-Fort Worth clan. This brew is full of hops with a nice balanced malt backbone and subtle sweetness that finishes of hoppy and happy. Pint cans are available at the brewery and would pair great with some fresh baked bacon.


Panther Island Brewing Company-Bourbon Barrel-Aged IP’FNA:

Another “not your typical fall seasonal beer,” and yet this hoppy fellow is sure to warm you up and provide you with some toasted caramel and vanilla-like flavors this fall. Panther Island Brewing Company’s first release of their 2020 Barrel Program provides you with notes of vanilla, caramel, toffee, and of course plenty of hops to give you an overall intriguing sipper for your cool fall evenings. Set to be released September 18th in 4 packs of pint cans with a challenging and warming 12% ABV level. Pair this beaut up with some caramel flavored popcorn and watch you fall favorite.

Legal Draft Beer Company-Lawtoberfest Bavarian Style Oktoberfest:

A low-key traditional Bavarian-style Oktoberfest from Legal Draft Beer Company that features plenty of flavor with slight toasted characters with a hint of orange that finishes off crisp and clean, leaving you refreshed during your fall time weekends. A more sessionable approach to your fall beer selection sitting at 5.2% ABV, and available in six packs at the brewery and local store. Pair it up with some German bratwurst and celebrate the fall season German-style!


Oak Highlands Brewery- Marzen Oktoberfest:

Another locally brewed Oktoberfest brew from Oak Highlands Brewery from the northeastern side of Dallas. This brew is light and flavorful with a rich, malty backbone and hints of citrus hops swirling throughout your pint that finishes off clean and smooth. A sessionable brew that sits at 5.8% ABV and comes in six packs located at the brewery and your local store. Grab a pack and pair it up with some honey glazed chicken, and soak up the season.


-Michael Thacker

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