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Epic Brewing Company’s Chasing Ghosts Double Hazy IPA

Moving onward toward the hazier part of the craft beer universe to a beer galaxy called Epic Brewing Company with their Chasing Ghost Double Hazy IPA. Plenty of tropical fruit flavors with a body that is juicier than the famous juicy fruit gum with a nice citrus and peppery finish. Cheers! -Michael Thacker

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company’s More Cowbell Double IPA

Starting my Saturday beer voyage off on the right foot with a brew from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company with More hops packed into a can than there are Cowbells in Texas. Plenty of herbal, citrus and pine aromas with a deep blood orange flavor followed by hints of resin and herbs. Hope you have an awesome beer voyage today yourself and cheers! -Michael Thacker

Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA

Wishing I was off in the tropics at the moment, but at least I have Sierra Nevada’s Tropical Torpedo IPA to help me reminiscent the good times at the beach. Tropical fruit and grass nose with flavors of tropical fruit and citrus with a crisp, dry finish. Cheers! -Michael Thacker